FEATURE: SYA + Whole Womens Mural Video

SYA teamed up with Whole Women’s Health in Fort Worth Texas and Seattle-based artist Angelina Villalobos (aka 179) to create a beautiful mural outside of the clinic welcoming patients and creating a powerful antidote to the extreme anti-abortion environment that currently exists throughout Texas.

On Monday, June 4th, 2018, Whole Woman’s Health, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, #ShoutYourAbortion, Abortion Conversation Project and mural artist 179 held a dedication ceremony, at the clinic to celebrate the mural, the clinic staff, and women and families of the Fort Worth community.

“The mural represents self-love and women’s empowerment,” says Shaye Thomas, Whole Woman’s Health Fort Worth Clinic Manager. “When driving into the entrance you have to face the protestors. Once you see the beautiful colors and designs on the fence it’s a distraction to focus on that makes you feel welcomed. At that moment you can relax and take a deep breath.”

“Shout Your Abortion is proud to support Whole Woman’s Health, an organization that is not only committed to providing abortion care but to illustrating the fact that abortion is good for women, families, and communities,” says Amelia Bonow Co-Founder of #ShoutYourAbortion. “Angelina’s mural is a big beautiful welcome mat for every patient who approaches this clinic, and she has encapsulated what makes Whole Woman’s Health so incredible: this organization believes in empowering and celebrating the patients they serve, they believe in community, and most importantly, each Whole Woman’s Health clinic is a place of love.”

“I hope the mural is welcoming for women that are coming here, and the families that they support. Not just for the people that are coming here, but for the community in general. Being a woman myself, retaining the right to choose what happens to my body is something that is vital, that is essential for me.” says Angelina Villalobos, mural artist. “I would want my Chicana community supporting girls who happen to get pregnant young. And when you say a woman can’t have an abortion, you’re telling her that she is only worth what her body can make, and not what her mind can do.”

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