DOUBLEXPOSURE: Making Art, Making Change

We’re on a podcast! Jake Prendez of Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery, the fierce Randy Engstrom, and I were interviewed by doubleXposure for our work in South Park and the surrounding areas. This latest episode we all get really deep and personal with how accomplished all we have and what’s next. Please give this a listen, you might cry!

This is the third installment of conversations highlighting South Park and is live recorded at the beautiful and historic South Park Hall. Past segments include local leaders such as Cote Soerens of Resistencia which is home to one of my murals!

Join Marcie and Vivian as they engage the most creative performers, thinkers, makers and doers in conversation about the ways culture shapes our lives.

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I really enjoyed speaking with Marcie and Vivian about my work and what the goals I want to achieve are now that we’re “over” COVID, what burn out looks like, and how to nurture our inner self. I also truly loved listening to how the great Jake became the beacon of light for so many of us and how he started Nepantla. And I very much loved learning more about Randy who shared my art was the first he purchased of a Seattle artist! I hope you truly enjoy this episode.

Angelina v.

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