House of the Wolves 179 Solo Art Show @ VMC Gallery

The Vivid Matter Collective Gallery Presents House of the Wolves: Honoring fluid color and movement through layers and layers of abstract lines. This series explores how colors interact and affect each other by the lushness of abstract brushstrokes.

I use color fluidly, selecting palettes from nature and adding to their range with shades, tones, and my favorite, neons. My figurative work lends itself to the imagination, for example how a wolf would appear in a fantastical technicolor dream. For this series, I wanted to use all my favorite colors from murals of the past year and push them to their limits with hues and shades they play well with and others they hate. My goal is to experiment and play with shapes and color, always bringing the outside in. 

Access the show catalog here;

My name is Angelina Villalobos Soto, I am an Art Activist living in Seattle, WA. My work strives to engage the viewer to be apart of their environment through observation, critique, & participation. I believe community engagement is vital to successful art planning and that art should be accessible to all. My focus is education & leading by example.

All new work by Angelina ‘179’ Villalobos, this collection consists of salvaged wood, acrylic on watercolor paper, and installation pieces from her 2021 Meta / Facebook mural titled ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow‘.

Opening for May’s Capitol Hill Art Walk
THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2022
6 PM – 8 PM

More info on the FB Event Page HERE
Special Thanks to Molly Moon’s.

Thank you always,
Angelina 179 Villalobos

Seattle born Artist, Muralist, & Community Engager

Vivid Matter Collective Art Gallery: 919 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122

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