Sacred Rain Healing Center 179 Art Display

I’ll be showing art for the next few months at Sacred Rain Healing Center located in beautiful Ballard. I chose specifically to highlight my illustrative work. It’s a nice change from the physical labor of mural work. I am looking forward to seeing all the pieces framed, installed, and on walls!

In the illustrative world that I love I can get as detailed as I want and it’s nice to zone out in the creation of the pattern work I use. Some of the illustrations are brand new. Like the Black Fish illustration where I freehanded the piece, working only with a micron. Others are several years old and have been updated with more detail and the addition of color. Below you can see an example of this with Rabbit Fights where I add a halo to this little warrior. I like revisiting older work to view my progress, where I’ve grown, and to check in with what I was doing at the time. Often I get really busy and I don’t have the mental capacity to fully explore something, this allows me to come back to it and experiment. My illustrative work is the foundation to my murals and so having time to draw is super important to me.

Rabbit Fights 2022: Addition and update of color to an old black and white illustration.

I also realized that all my statements, bios, and web presence is about my muralism and teaching and not exactly of the art itself. Specifically, what I want it specifically my art to convey. So, I took a little crack at explaining what my illustrative work means to me below.

Angelina Villalobos, pseudonym 179 grew up in Seattle, Washington within a mosaic of cultures and ideas. Raised Americanized Mexican Catholic, Angelina’s work mixes elements of her heritage and merges them with graffiti, anime, folklore, and fairy tales. This kaleidoscope of inspiration has led her to create a style indicative of the Pacific Northwest. By using intricate patterns and line-work, 179 weaves stories similar to how cultural textiles tell generational stories. Selected animals inspire the viewer to add to the narrative with their own personal experiences, becoming not just an audience, but a participant.

Artist Statement
Black Fish 2022: Freehand illustration from this year on display

If you’re not able to make it to the space, I listed all the pieces on my online shop as well as prints, pins, cards, and more original art. Thank you always for your support!

-Angelina ‘179’ Villalobos

Seattle born Artist, Muralist, & Community Engager

Sacred Rain Healing Center: ​1100 NW 50th St. Seattle, WA 98107

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