PIM Coffee and Bikes Mural

Uncle Joey Nix of Jupiter Bar has done it again! My long time friend and fellow artist saw an opportunity to make mural magic happen. Justin of Pim Bike and Coffee needed a mural for their drive thru. It had been boarded up and could totally use something colorful that would catch the eye of drivers, bikers, and pedestrians a like. Cue him thinking of me and the most recent mural I just got through painting on East Marginal way with the tagline “But 1st, Coffee“. While it took a few weeks of coordinating as was wrapping up my Facebook Open Arts Mural, but I was so glad they were patient. The mural turned out amazing! Please enjoy the progress photos below and some of the other fun things that happened.

For this mural I submitted a rough design with the general direction of what I wanted to do (see below for the comparison). With my art, because it’s so organic, it’s really hard to show exactly how the final product will look. Colors don’t really translate the vibrancy on the Ipad as they do in real life. And especially since my newest work is so experimental, I’m not quite quite sure how it will flow. I leave the colors and movement to a call and response method. We made slight adjustments to the concept such as the direction of the cup and darkened the liquid cascading from the mug.

When I pack for a mural like this, I pick out the essential colors first, then I load any and all colors I think I might need. It’s always better to be over prepared than under and I really need to have all the colors at my disposal just in case I have a spark of inspiration. For this mural, doing a rainbow with neon highlights just sparked so much joy, I’m glad I listened to my creative intuition. So many times we shut that little voice up because we’re scared to mess things up; cue RuPaul’s voice in Drag Race “Don’t Fuck It Up!”. I’ve learned to trust this voice and to trust the process.

Original Design and final design comparison.

While on site I was also able to give my artist talk for ACES: Artists of Color Expo and Symposium and share with my audience my mural painting method via Zoom. COVID has us doing things all different and this was such an amazing way to share the worksite and have people see my process. I also am still trying to get Suburu to sponsor or feature me so if you have that plug, HIT ME UP! I always try and capture my Crosstrek filled with gear so they can see just how much this vehicle means to me. Can I get a feature in their Drive Magazine! And I created a meme. Feel free to download and share it of the sentiment resonates with you.

This mural took me the whole day. The most tedious part of the mural was really just filling in colors and following shapes. I always underestimate the work that goes into moving ladders, step-stools, and the creative problem solving. It really just drains your mental energy. I was so blessed to have Joey come and help me get through the last of the mural by doing second coats on colors with poor coverage and rendering the cup.

Pim Coffee and Bike is located right along the Burke Gilman trail off Leary. It’s a perfect spot to bring your bike for a tune up, grab a snack and coffee, and people watch. If you’re on the trail, take a pit stop and catch your breath. Truly this has been one of my most favorite murals!

❤ Angelina

Follow Pim Coffee on IG @ pimbikethrucoffee


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