179 + Art Primo ✨ Creative Genius Pack 2.0

Looking for a great gift to support your community + an artist you know?

I got you! 

Art Primo & I have curated a gift pack full of AP & Craftwave products that I personally love, and use in my own practice. The variety is enough to get anyone’s creative energy flowing.

And if making the world’s greatest holiday pack wasn’t enough, proceeds from their sales are donated to Urban Artworks, a Seattle non-profit whose foundation is to support skill building with art mentorships for today’s youth.

Available on Artprimo.com, read below on my reviews on each of the products!

Creative Genius 2.0

On a personal note, I too was once a UA participant and credit so much of my foundation to their programming so this fundraiser means the world to me.

About some of the products: Created by the wonderful brains at Craftwave, they’ve developed a compact wand-style watercolor set perfect for on-the-go painting. The AquaFan comes in 18-Color and 42-Colors sets and comes with a watercolor brush with water receiver. Needless to say I was pumped to showcase the colors.

Here’s my video review from last years pack on the Craftwave AquaFan. I showcase how it works with other products in Art Primo’s inventory like The Molotow’s One4All Water-based Acrylic, and tips for future applications.

I personally love working with alcohol based markers so having the alcohol-based Sketchy Markers makes for a great addition to your maker collection or a foundation for someone just starting one. Microns are my outline pens of choice. They are archival, super black, and waterproof. You can use these with the watercolor set + Sketchy Markers. My final highlight is the Molotow One4All Dual Signal White paint marker. This hands down is the B E S T white there is. It’s perfect for mixing with the watercolor pigments to create an acrylic or gouache version or to add highlights to the alcohol based Sketchy. It also comes equipped with 2 different nibs sized; one for outlining and the other for chunkier lines. If you’re working on white paper and need to clean up your edges, the white makes for a great ‘white out’ marker. Carry all the rest of the essentials in an Art Primo marker bag.

Subscribe to Art Primo’s Youtube Channel here; APTV

179 Creative Genius Pack 2.0

All proceeds from sales of Creative Genius 2.0 will be donated to Urban Artworks, a Seattle-based non-profit whose mission is to engage youth and communities in the creation of public art.

Set includes:

1 x AquaFan 18 color watercolor set + Brush Pen
1 x SKETCHY Blender Marker
1 x SKETCHY Twin Dual Ended Markers
1 x Molotow TWIN One4All Marker in White
1 x 9×6” AP Sketchbook
1 x Micron marker in Black
1 x Artist Canvas Panel 8.5×11″
1 x Art Primo Marker Bag
1 x Art Primo New Classic Rainbow 100pc Sticker Pack
+ Assorted 179 Stickers!

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