Red Can 2020 Graffiti Jam

I am so honored to be participating in The Red Can 2020 Graffiti Jam hosted by Cheyenne River Youth Project. This year’s festival will look very different from previous years in so many new and dynamic ways. Cheyenne River Youth Project will be hosting panel discussions, lectures, mural unveilings, and classes from The Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation + 8 cities connected virtually. 

You can watch the programming live HERE

More info on
This year’s line up is 🔥. Check out the featured Artists.

Here is the programming up for the 4-day event. I’ll be featured in a panel discussion Wednesday the 12th and be talking about education and public art. Saturday we’ll be unveiling a mural in all 8 cities that are being represented. Each artist also created a original piece of art to be made into a print for Red Can. More info below;

One of the reasons why Cheyenne River Youth Project made the switch to virtual programming this year’s is the threat of Corona and precautions their tribes have made to ensure the safety of their tribal members. Here is a link to a recent threat.

Just like Neah Bay here in the PNW, they’re exercising their rights to keep their people safe. I watched a representative from The Makah Tribe describe this as knowing the consequences of diseases from pandemics on their people and this response truly shuts down any argument anyone could ever, ever have. Damn. The power of those words gave me shivers. 

More info on past programming and the event here:…/redcan-graffiti-jam

I’m going to rep Seattle so much, sending them all the love and support we have to give. Stay tuned for programming starting 3pm Mountain Time / 2PM Pacific.

You can watch the programming live HERE

Angelina V.

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