Asian Cajun Vegan Food Truck Murals

Beacon Hill! 90108 and delicious!
I loved every moment of painting this truck. From neighbor Iron coming out to welcome me and talk to watching the sunset on my beloved Beacon Hill. This is what community and love are all about. This is a neighborhood that grew me, where I learned to take the bus, eat Vietnamese sandwiches, and know the streets like the back of my little paw. I even got Chef Andy painting!

The art for the truck was influence by Chef Andy’s background; Chinese growing up in Louisiana with an influence of Pacific Northwest. He wanted to combine these themes in 2 ways, a dragon alligator and a swamp scene with blossoms. Below is the progress of painting the Dragon-gator.

We wanted the other side to be a landscape of the swamp with a plum blossom. I had to research the difference between a plum and cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms look more like a heart where the plum blossoms have the individual petal look. Both exquisite. Below is the progress for the other side. I like to do a color swatch to help me keep track of the tones and shades I have on deck. This helps pick out colors as well. You can also see I snuck in tiny fireflies in the details of the scene. I don’t paint landscapes too often, but when I do, I kill it!

You may find this truck and all the delicious delights at the Valero Gas Station on Beacon hill.

Asian Cajun Vegan Food Truck
3002 Beacon Ave SSeattle, Washington
(206) 659-7867

FB: @Asian-Cajun-Vegan-Food-Truck
IG: @Asiancajunveganfood

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