See You in the Park 2019

Brought to you by Tukwila Parks and Recreation, See You in the Park is a mobile festival that happens in parks all over Tukwila in the summer. Long time friend Olena contacted me to do an art installation with youth participation during one of the festivals. They selected the small wall in Cascade View Park for this and I was super excited to get started.

Pride Month had my mind on Rainbows.

I thought of what a better way to surround the youth at play than a rainbow forcefield? We planned for doing the 3 frontfacing walls, but because the festival was going to have food and info booths the 4th was covered. We recently devised a plan to paint this in the upcoming weeks so please stay tuned. Check out the design below.

For the event we had a central table where all the paint was kept. To keep things organized we had youth put on a smock so they could then get a cup of paint and brush. They were then assigned sections of the wall a color to fill in with paint in the spectrum of the rainbow; purple – violet – red, orange – marigold – yellow, green – turquoise – light blue – teal. The 4th wall will bring this all full circle with Teal – Violet – Purple. It totally was like corralling kittens and while we had some paint in different colored sections, the youth pretty much followed directions and understood the vision. Even after the paint was gone they were still coming back. One even asked when I was coming back; be still my heart!

Please enjoy a few photos from the event, the finished walls, plus a little video on the process. I must say, give a youth a paintbrush and they’ll totally turn any wall into a masterpiece.

Go visit and walk along Rainbow Road 🌈!

2019 SYITP, Cascade View

Additional, here is the final arch in the rainbow. Now the park is fully protected by a rainbow forcefield 🌈🎨. Added September 27th, this now completes this community project 💜.

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