Plant Life Mural

This mural was so fun and pretty darn huge too. My client White Center Chiropractic wanted their back wall covered fully. Westside Baby’s mural previously lived on a small section there, but since their move to a new location no one maintained it and it faded pretty bad. It was truly a beautiful mural. This is a reality that happens with public art once it’s installed, therefore it’s important to consider upkeep when planning on adding art to communities and businesses.

After my initial meeting and site visitation I came up with 3 options for WSC based on their feedback, the neighborhood of White Center, their business, and my artistic brain.

3. This one is a giant lotus. The clinic shares space with an acupuncture center. I thought the image of a giant lotus would be fitting for both businesses.
2. The second one I wanted to be fun and highlight the playful personality of White Center. WC has the potential for people to make negative assumptions, but honestly it’s vibrant, fun, and flourishing. It’s something unexpected, just like 2 bright pink flamingos
1. The last design I chose to do something everyone has encountered; houseplants. I also thought it would be a good metaphor for White Center; that if you can nature plants, you can make them grow, we can grow together. Part of keeping plants is selecting their home.

Hence the title of the blog entry; They selected the Plant life 🎉. Turns out the business prior filled the office with plants. When they came into the space they obviously kept them. Unfortunately when they started overgrowing, they’ve had to re-home them and this was a little sad. This mural is bringing them back into the space and it made me super happy that I could connect the business to the mural to the history of the space.

One of the main design elements aside from the unusually colorful plants was the potting plants they live in. I’m totally a plant witch so for me choosing the right home for a plant is a sacred job. It may take me months to find the perfect match and it’s a job I take very seriously. When I find that match, it’s magic ✨. I wanted to honor this part of the process. I even snuck in a little Totoro pot for any fans in the neighborhood ✌️.

During the mural I was getting over a cough that had plagued our family for weeks. I was sick, hot, tired, but so excited. I even got a special oyster delivery from my partner who went surfing and imported them from the coast. During all this I made stories on my IG and collected them to create a little progress video. I’m teaching myself editing and expanding my skillset so I have more to offer. It’s a slow process, but I’m really happy with the results. Please watch below.

Plant Life Mural on my Youtube Channel

I’m also trying to get sponsored by Suburu (a girl’s got to have goals). So I’ve been taking pics at all the walls I paint with the Crosstrek filled to the brim with paint and equipment as an example of what I can accomplish with my Subi. If you have a connect, hook me up fam!

Till next time friends 🌱,
Angelina Ballerina

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