PSE ARTility Project + Artist Video

Here’s the official video from the Puget Sound Energy ARTility Project headed by Nicholas Hartrich. It was an immense pleasure working with Nick & videographer Brenda Phillips of Brenda Phillips Photography. From sketching to painting to installation, is was surreal watching my work evolve like a butterfly in their various stages to form the final piece. Please watch and find out a little more on how PGE protects and liven up the space around them.

ARTility is a beautification program aimed at reducing maintenance on our company’s assets by covering them with art. If public blank canvases like transformers are purposefully wrapped in art, they are less likely to be vandalized with graffiti, which saves customers money by reducing or eliminating clean-up costs. In addition, ARTility highlights PSE’s commitment to renewable energy and commitment to reducing our carbon footprint 50 percent by 2040. In the 2018 pilot phase of ARTility, 14 projects were completed, including the completion of Washington’s largest mural at the Encogen Generation Facility.

Read more about my art process and the unveiling in my previous blog post; PSE teams up with Seattle artist 179 to unveil new artwork in Federal Way

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