Dozer’s Warehouse & Gallery, an Artist’s and Art Lover’s Dream Realized

Here’s an article about the work I (179) have in Dozer Art warehouse on Beacon Hill. Many have asked after the demolition and future of the space so here’s your answer! This is such a well written interview of all the artists and Crick’s goal for the space. I’m immensely honored to pay tribute to my childhood neighborhood Beacon Hill with this show and really looking forward to the next phase of Dozer’s Warehouse. 

South Seattle Emerald

First Show, “3 Queens,” Opens Feb. 8

by Jessie McKenna

Crick Lont, aka Dozer of Dozer Art and Dozer’s Warehouse, has been quietly curating upcoming shows, painting walls and drizzling on the funky linoleum floors a la Jackson Pollock to create an art space on Beacon Hill. He’s partnering with local artists to put their mark on the storefront, pro bono; Leo Shallot’s trademark calligraphy ribbon design in gold on black wraps around the storefront.

“That’s what’s so great about this place, people just want to be a part if it,” Lont said.

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