PSE teams up with Seattle artist 179 to unveil new artwork in Federal Way

The artwork is part of PSE’s ARTility project, which is aimed at reducing maintenance on PSE assets by covering them with art.

 BELLEVUE, Wash. (Jan. 23, 2019) – Puget Sound Energy‘s transformer box near the Federal Way Town Square has taken on a new look.

As part of PSE’s “ARTility” project, artwork was installed at the transformer located at 31600 Pete von Reichbauer Way South in Federal Way. “ARTility” is a beautification project aimed at saving customers money by reducing or eliminating graffiti clean-up costs.

“This transformer has been tagged with graffiti in the past, and our hope is that having this beautiful art displayed on the box will prevent that type of activity in the future,” said Leslie Myers, PSE outreach manager. “It’s wonderful to highlight our renewable efforts in this art piece as we focus on reducing our carbon footprint 50 percent by 2040.”

Artist Angelina Villalobos (known as OneSevenNine) is a Seattle artists who was recommend by other artists. She was selected given her connection to youth in education, along with her unique style of cultural integration into her art.

Scanned by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction, LLC.

“I’m so proud to be a part of Puget Sound Energy’s extensive program dedicated to bringing art to public spaces. Often times we overlook everyday objects as blank spaces, not realizing they are actually blank canvases,” said Villalobos. “I find when you allow art into these spaces you invoke a thoughtfulness the public appreciates. Attention to artistic details really makes a community feel unique because they truly are!”

The art was installed in Federal Way in November. Read more about the project and it’s scope on the Puget Sound Energy site; HERE.





Dedication ceremony:

Tom Square Park
31600 Pete von Reichbauer Way South, Federal Way WA
9:00 a.m. // Jan. 24, 2019

Here’s some progress shots of the painting which is now in PSE’s private collection. I worked with Nick on getting just the right imagery that conveyed the many resources PGE has to offer its customers. We selected a wind turbine to highlight the energy and flow our air produces. I really wanted to highlight the wood I used for the original painting to offset the rigid metal of the box we were placing the wrap on. With all these elements combined, energy, turbine and wind, man made metal and the community surrounding it, I think we created a piece that speaks to of all the pieces that make our living in the PNW a collaborative success.

Special “Thanks” to both Nick for selecting me as one of the artists in his project ARTility for Puget Sound Energy and Brenda of Brenda Phillips Photography for her work documenting the artists and their work. I truly appreciate your support!


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