179 + CDICC Guest Curator Artist Spotlight

Here’s a cool thing I’m doing for the first part of 2019.
I’ve always been asked “How did you start being an artist?”
Which I always replay 🤷🏻‍♀️. Because really I don’t know. I’ve always used art as an escape or a way to process information. I went from Disney to comics, then to graffiti to street art. From there I jumped right into murals. In-between jobs I sketch, paint, and do commission work. I use my art as a mechanism to instill social change and to bring awareness to   
What I think people are asking is “How did you reach your level of success?” Which is simpler question to answer and honestly my answer is Exposure. I took advantage of all the opportunities Seattle had to offer (and still do). This year I want to give that back in a mini artist boot camp for emerging artists.
I will help you with all the things I struggled with and together we’ll get your pieces ready to hang for a month long show at CCICC. And then we can invite all your friends and family to celebrate!
I started very humbly at wonderful local business like Hangar Cafe in Georgetown and Cupcake Royale on Cap Hill. I’ve also had numerous people who watched me grow support me in their success, shout outs ✌️ to Liza of The Octopus Bar and Joey at Jupiter Bar. It’s tough though, I’ve had paintings stolen, damaged, and held hostage. But this opportunity is a chance for someone to get their foot in the door, be coached, and have their questions answered. I’m also constantly learning too so you don’t have to take my word as law. 
Sincerely Always & Forever,
Angelina Villalobos
✨Applications are now closed.✨
We are please to announce the line up of artists;
FEB 07: Mousy DeVilla @mousy.devilla
MAR 07: Elisha Anderson @misselishacraftninja
APR 04: (Jessie) Crenshaw-Leonard @dibble_dabbleart
MAY 02: Yvonne Chan @novemberdays_
JUN 06: Marcosa Opulencia @multosa
JUN 06: Sara Clayton @hapacrafts


CDICC: Darren & Kristine McGill started their food venture in 2010 with a small food cart, dubbed Happy Grillmore, in downtown Portland. Voted as Portland’s Best Burger the following year for their signature ‘the Chubs’, the food truck moved north to take on Seattle. The McGills quickly established their name and in 2014, collaborated with business partner and retired NBA star Nate Robinson to open Seattle’s first chicken and waffle restaurant, Nate’s Wings & Waffles. Building on the popularity of Nate’s signature Mac & Cheese the couple opened MELT, which served creative variations of their original mac, pressed sandwiches and cheesy sides. Then in 2016, things got sweet and Central District Ice Cream Company emerged as the third food establishment by the restaurateur veterans.

Angelina ‘179’ Villalobos: My name is Angelina Villalobos, I am an Art Activist living in Seattle, WA. My work strives to engage the viewer to be apart of their environment through observation, critique, & participation. I believe community engagement is vital to successful art planning and that art should be accessible to all. My focus is education & leading by example.

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