Lifelong Volunteer Mural

How beautiful is this whole mural project?!

I was approached by Leit from Lifelong to paint a mural for the volunteer space. Leit was recommended by Amelia B. from Shout Your Abortion (one of my most beloved non-profits to work with) as a muralist possibility. Lifelong is located in SOuth Sodo right off Lucile and is home to many community resources. The volunteers are integral to the daily operations. Volunteers work in both the kitchen making meals for daily delivery, organizing donations, prepping grocery orders, delivering good, and more. Needless to say, we needed to make this space special for the important community work these volunteers do.

Initial Sketch

For this project we decided on growing, leafy things with the word Volunteers written through the painting. We really wanted to make this mural special so we incorporated a participation element where the volunteers and staff came out and painted in the initial sketch I created. I then layered colorful patterns, line-work, and more details to create the final piece. I’m really happy we worked together on this and loved how it came out. It reinforces how important the people are to the success of Lifelong.

Lifelong’s team of skilled staff partners with clients to overcome obstacles like poverty and food insecurity that stand between them and their best possible health. Each person arrives with their own set of strengths and challenges, and needs care that is just as unique.

More info about LIFELONG:
Check out my time-lapse video below;

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