Danforth x Art Primo Mural

This mural was super special as it combined a few things I’ve been working on for the year. The Danforth, one of Seattle’s newest luxury apartments located on Capitol Hill worked with me on a few commissioned pieces for their social space. I work often with Art Primo, one of the largest spraypaint and street art supply online shops in the world and my favorite employer.

For this project The Danforth wanted a colorful mural for their outdoor pet run. This is located at the top floor of their building and totally viewable from Madison Street. We decided on a fun Shitzu Dog as a Chinese Dragon by the name of Pilot (real dog). Check out the mock up and a portrait of Pilot, did I get his likeness okay?

The Mockup of Pilot the Dog as a Chinese Dragon

For this project we decided to then turn this into an Art Primo Video / Product review with their YouTube character Green Ranger. It was so fun making the video, catching footage for the film, and then later reviewing the finished piece and uploading it to the internet. We used a German brand Paint called Montana Colors, but this was really to showcase how a mural is painted and the process that goes along with it. Check out the video below.

This video is really unique as while it shows the progress of the mural, GR and I also narrate it from a smaller screen. It’s a fun new way of telling about the process while keeping it casual. I am really honored to have had him there to film, create, and review the video with me.

Here are some fun progress images of the process. You can se a small peek of this when you’re driving Eastbound on Madison. Enjoy!

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