Danforth Apartments Art

These were commissioned by the Danforth Aparments for their space. It was an immense honor to create nautical themed art for this area. here are some progress shots.



Acrylic & Gouache on Wood Panel, 2018
20” x 30’”

This painting plays of the theme of the garden of Hans Christian Andersen version of The Little Mermaid. Here is where she laid her treasures. I thought to hide little details like a little anemone and ruby to show the preciousness of the anchor, but also that the anchor has been resting for some time. Seaweed and kelp intertwine it as a sun rests in the background. This theme play off the print of the nesthome I did for Danforth’s. In this scenario, home is where you lay anchor.


Acrylic & Gouache on 2 Wood Panels, 2018
1” x 3” each

This piece I chose to do from the perspective of looking up through the waves to the golden sun above. I chose bright teals and greens with a touch of purple to accent the shapes and flow. This very much is painted to reflect rays of sun and light going through the panels very similar to how light behaves when you’re underwater. I chose to paint the seaweed off the canvas and split the scene into 2 separate panels so it really gives a sense of movement, flow and growing with the tides.




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