South Park Roundabout/ 4th & Henderson

This was such a blessing and  a curse ::lol::, but totally a dream come true in a matter of only a few hours! I am so proud of the work Jodi “Return of the Mack” did to bring this together! I loved how neighbors came out to watch, bring drinks and snacks, and paint.

So honestly I’ve never painted a roundabout or anything on the ground like before. If you’re having a hard time envisioning a roundabout is, it’s a simple and inexpensive solution to an intersection with traffic issues. It’s purpose is to slow traffic down and mitigate congestion by creating a path for cars based on the principle ‘The Right Away”. Generally these are concrete structures with perhaps a greenspace in the middle, but these are really expensive. Painted ones do the trick just fine and they beautiful neighborhoods in a very unique kind of way.

Jodi getting busy!

Residents are able to apply for a grant through Safe Routes to School (same grant we used for our sister staircases on Beacon Hill & The 12th/ Donovan. With this budget we were able to buy paint, materials, and grit necessary to create the traction for the paint to be road safe. Jodi enlisted the help of all the neighborhoods specifically Terry & family who provided not only awesome Seahawks canopy but also water, coffee, and great ideas.

Overall this came out spectacular. Because of the nature of the paint we did have to change a few of the design elements, but it looks amazing. Even some of the photos look like it’s a photo mock up, it just really went above and beyond our expectations.

I am so looking forward to my second roundabout in the Pinehurst neighborhood end of the month. You can read more about this event here:

img_3391The Original Design






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