8th & Cloverdale, South Park Mural

What a fun summer project! I worked with South Park youth to paint this mural in a 1-day beautiful summer event as part of a South Park Night Out.

Read more about the details and who made this magic happen!

One of the goals for this project is to re-create the intersection of 8th & Cloverdale as a community asset by installing a mural painted by Duwamish Valley Youth Corp in partnership with The Duwamish Valley Clean Up, Seattle Neighborhood Group, & artist 179.

This corner houses the #60 Seattle Metro Bus Stop which connects SP to major communities White Center and Westwood Village westbound. It is on the intersection of community resources Seattle Firestation 26, The South Park Public Library,  and is 2 blocks south of The South Park Community Center. It is also home to The River City Skate Park which attract international skaters and street art enthusiast.

This intersection is essential to the people that live in this neighborhood and should reflect the wonderful community that thrives here.

The three main goals of our Duwamish Valley Youth Corps Program are: Train and engage youth in environmental and community health improvement projects. Support the community selected health priorities. Provide meaningful, paid training, work and career pathways for local Duwamish valley teens.

In combining our creative forces we hope to brighten this corner by creating a safe and beautiful space for bus patrons, pedestrians, and library goers, and to create a visual representation for people new to the area to know; WELCOME TO SOUTH PARK!

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 4.11.53 PM.pngThe Canvas

The Design

The theme of the mural is to highlight aspects of The South Park Neighborhood. In the center of the mural will be a bright sun with the bridge that connects SP to industrial Seattle silhouetted within. Wrapped around the sun is a bright banner reading South Park Seattle, WA (open to change). Surrounded are roses/ flowers to celebrate the neighborhood. Coming out from the center of the design are geometric patterns of waves, trees, and wisps of wind. The simplicity and color palette are designed for the youth to be able to follow along easily and successfully, but also be simple repaired in case of vandalism.

This design was created by artist 179 based on visual references and a brainstorm session with The Duwamish Valley Youth.

When: August 7th, 2018 for South Park Night Out
Where: 8th Ave S & S Cloverdale St, Seattle, WA 98108

More Info:
Jake H. | Seattle Neighborhood Group: jake@sngi.org

Special ‘Thanks’ to Urban Artworks for the donation of supplies & The Seattle Foundation Neighbor 2 Neighbor Program and private donors for funding the project.

Jake H., Paulina L., Robin S., Carmen M., & The Duwamish Valley Youth Corp


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