Danforth Apartments: Fundraiser & Print Design

The Danforth gives back to the local arts community by commissioning three local artists to create custom works.

The Danforth, a new apartment tower opening at Broadway & Madison, is supporting the local arts community in a big way by commissioning to three local artists to create custom pieces for their Live Well, Do Good, Have Fun contest. Additionally The
Danforth will hire these artist to create works for the building, set to open in August. The three chosen artists are Zack Bolotin, Angelina Villalobos, and Aramis Hamer.

The three artists were chosen from a shortlist compiled by Artist Trust due to their strong ties to the local community.



Zack Bolotin is a graphic artist who often creates works tied to the vibrant local music scene. Some of his recent work includes show posters for local band Death Cab for Cutie and shirt designs for 2018 Sasquatch music festival and Barsuk Records. Bolotin also owns Porchlight Coffee & Records in Capitol Hill, which is just a few blocks from The Danforth.



Angelina Villalobos, also known as 179, is a muralist and street artist whose work mixes the iconography of Catholicism with pop culture and folklore . Some of her recent works include the 2018 Pride Guide cover, and a city-commissioned mural on the Cheasty Staircase in Beacon Hill.

Home Is Where You Build Your Nest
Acrylic & Gouache, 2018
Original 12 1⁄2” X 9 1⁄2” | Print Size 8” x 10”
I enjoy exploring nature’s solution to things.
For this design I explored how we create
living spaces and how it then ties into the
environment around us. My design is that of a brightly colored nest abundant and full. I chose blues and greens to highlight the diversity of where a home can be. Enclosed is a little robin egg which represents the future. The warmness of the inner circle is that of a glowing sun, highlighting the love and nurturing energy necessary for the egg to hatch. I believe we all grow together and in that growth the possibilities are endless!


Aramis Hamer is a painter and muralist whose works are inspired by the cosmos, music, nature,
divine femininity, and the complexities throughout the Black culture. Hamer created the iconic purple goddess mural on the side of the KEXP building in 2016.

The first work that The Danforth commissioned from each of the three artists is a custom print around the theme “Connecting to Local Community”, as part of The Danforth’s Live Well, Do Good, Have Fun contest that wrapped up in June. Contest entrants had the chance to win one of four experiential prize packages and the custom art pieces, as well as vote for a nonprofit to receive an extra $2,500 on top of the $2,500 that The Danforth guaranteed to the nonprofits. The three nonprofit beneficiaries are Artist Trust, Seattle Humane, and The Country Doctors. The commissioned pieces will be publicly revealed after a private art show for the contest winners and nonprofits on July 26th. Columbia Pacific Advisors, the property developers behind The Danforth, will also be working with each of these artists to create a custom art piece for the building itself. Specific plans for each artist are still underway as The Danforth finishes construction for the August opening of the building.

These commissions are just one of the myriad ways The Danforth is giving back to the local arts community. In addition to working with these three local artists and the donation to Artist Trust, The Danforth is also a sponsor of The Frye’s ‘Toward Impressionism’ exhibit which opened in May.

About The Danforth
The Danforth gets its name from a style of anchor used to secure ships in the harbor. In similar fashion, The Danforth anchors the intersection of Broadway and Madison-connecting Capitol Hill, First Hill and Seattle University. Capitol Hill is the self-proclaimed entertainment capital, the heartbeat of the city. First Hill was the first residential neighborhood of the city and today that lives on in the historic architecture, tree-lined streets and quiet escapes. Seattle University District is an intellectual hub, full of emerging artists, entrepreneurs and Seattle’s next up-and-comers. The Danforth provides smart, sophisticated design in stylish apartments in the heart of it all. Sitting atop Seattle’s newest Whole Foods Market, The Danforth gives tenants access to a wealth of amenities, including a rooftop greenhouse and community garden,demonstration
kitchen with large counters, fitness studio, and communal spaces throughout. The Danforth, Make your move.

About Columbia Pacific Advisors
Columbia Pacific Advisors, LLC manages approximately $2 billion 1 across a variety of investment strategies including private real estate, real estate lending, growth capital, private equity and distressed debt. The firm utilizes deep fundamental research and seeks to generate compelling, consistent risk-adjusted returns.



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