Microsoft Building 40: Luck Dragon Mural

This was the first time I used the Sugar Paint, a cane sugar based paint preferred by corporate jobs where Green is key. Here is. review on the product.

Sugar Paint by Ironlak has glycerin for the solvent. This is so it has the ‘green label’ which makes it less harmful and good for us indoors. Microsofts building has a strict no VOC’s so this was a good tool to use to have the spray paint look without the smell. The trade off is that this paint doesn’t stay mixed for long and you need to mix the paint carefully for twice as long as you’d shake your regular lacquer or enamel based paint. One of the main issues I had with the paint was the sludge of pigment that would coagulate at the bottom of the can. This is in part to the solvent being used and how fast it separates after being agitated.

Best way to mitigate this is to store them horizontally. I would also toss the stock caps. Generally spray paint stock caps are just a placeholder for caps you prefer, although every once and a while a stock cap breaks that mold (Acme Spray Paint uses my favorite cap New York Fat). Which BTW will work phenomenally on the Sugar paint. While you can use thin caps, I’d keep an extras on hand in case they clog. Best advice I can give is to shake every time you have to pick one up. This will ensure you remix the paint if anything settled and make the fluid flow through the cap much easier.
For this can, toss the stock cap. Be sure to shake the Sugars very well before this though.

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