Cheasty Staircase Session 02

We’re done! Congrats to all the volunteers who made this possible! Thank you again to Seattle Department of Transportation’s all stars Kristen & Ashley. Big thanks to Mr. Buckwalter of Kimball Elementary for letting us use the school’s facilities.

The design of this staircase was perfect; each volunteer had the capacity to tape design, paint and color curate their space. The moment of reveal as you peeled the tape back was inspiring. I love seeing each volunteers reaction to what they created! When walking down the staircase, the painting railing leads you nicely into the space below. When walking up, the staircase reminds you of a path to the beach, you don’ even realize you’re climbing 200+ steps!

Because of the phenomenal work we’ve been doing on the 2/3 staircases, project manager Kristen Ramirez and I interviewed each other for the July Issue of City Arts Magazine. Read What Legacy is Left here!

Check out our 1st Session; Cheasty Painting 01 Saturday June 02, 2018.

For more info on the project, check out The Cheasty Staircase Info Page.
We are painting the Cheasty Staircase that runs through the Cheasty Green Space as part of Seattle Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School. This is the 2nd Staircase they’ve funded, the 1st being The South Park Staircase. The goal is to create safer spaces for pedestrians to use. We can accomplish this by beautifying the spaces in our communities to initiate use.


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