Seattle Pride Guide 2018: Progress

Shout out to Seattle Pride for the opportunity to create the cover image of the 2018 Pride Guide with this year’s theme #PrideBeyondBorders. The imagery pays homage to the land of origin my own family is from, Guerrero, Mexico. Below is a the synopsis of the painting featured in the guide along with some quick notes on the piece & why it’s vital be be an ally.

Shout out to Jeff Cornejo for connecting the dots & sharing my work with the staff to create this piece. Jeff also has an article on reforming HIV stigma which is vital to loving ALL members of the community. It is a thoughtful & important piece on so many intersectional levels (Pages 36-37).

Seattle Pride Guide 2018 |

My name is Angelina Villalobos, my art superhero name is 179. I’m a Seattle born art activist and partner with communities connecting art with action. My work strives to engage viewers to partake in their environment through observation & participation. I believe community engagement is vital to successful art planning and that art should be accessible to all.

This year’s guide art theme highlights Pride Without Borders. Titled Under the Sun, it celebrates the vibrancy of all our backgrounds. I believe for us to love and appreciate what is unique to ourselves we must see the same in each other. I chose to highlight aspects of my life and art background that pay tribute to the artist I am today. Brightly colored patterns reminiscent of Mexican textiles I grew up with adorn the sun and elements of a crescent moon. The open hands and leaves signify growth and progression. My focus is education through the arts & leading by example. I am absolutely honored to have been selected to create the image for The 2018 Pride Guide.

Also making an appearance is another one of my most favorite non-profits OneReel & my Welcome to the Jungle Piano!



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