Seattle Opera Youth Art + Tour of Aida Set Workshop

#THRILLED! May The Seattle Opera & I connected in conjunction with community resource Urban Artworks to create a youth art workshop. Along with painting with me for 2 sessions, participants also got a tour of the backstage set of Aida. I’ll point out that many of the participants in the first session stayed through the second they were so immersed in their art.

Originally this workshop was scheduled to be lead by prolific graffiti artists RETNA, but scheduling conflicts arose and he unfortunately had to cancel. This was such a bummer to the community because here was our chance to have Seattle youth exposed to a world renowned artist of color designing art for a space usually perceived as out of reach. Fellow creative spirit Gabrielle Nomura Gainor of The Seattle Opera quickly connected the stars and offer the teaching opportunity to me and we proceeded to made magic happen.

Thank you so much for Urban Artworks for donating their paint resources, Courtney C. & Kristina M. of The Seattle Opera for their support, & Philip Newton who took some of the photos below. An immense shout out to all the parents that seized this opportunity for their kids to create & collaborate with me as well as expose their kids to beauty of McCaw Hall and the set of Aida. Having accessibility to things make them less scary and intimidating. Knowing you belong also encourages youth to pursue their dreams and passions, who knows, maybe we helped foster the next world famous artists, opera singer, social justice organizer, dancer… The world is their oyster!

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