To the Moon & Back: Progress

Here are progress photos of To the Moon & Back my piece for Statix Gallery’s show Lunar Forces opening May 3rd for 1st Thursday’s Art Walk.

Read more below on the specs and inspiration for this peice.

To the Moon & Back
12 1/2″ x 19″ 110lb Royal Sundance Cover
Original illustration, Gouache + Smash Ink Gold

This piece was inspired by a lot of influences. One of the stories I remember growing up to was the tale of the Rabbit on the Moon or Moon Rabbit, based on the marking of the moon being the shape of a rabbit. In this piece he sits next to the moon goddess waiting.

To the Moon & Back represent the calculation of space and how we equate this to love and the infinity of it. I love you to the moon and back. The ultimate testament of love. How many centuries have lovers quoted this phrase as a testament to their passion? In my design I think the of the cycle of the moon as a way these two visit earth. That with each cycle they visit. In this vignette they’re waiting for the full moon bring them home.

I chose to decorate the rabbit in a cross between Dia De Los Muertos, Aztec, and Japanese patterns. In Aztec Mythology the Centzon Totochtin are a group of 400 divine rabbits, drinking and partying, each more playful than the last. They represented fertility and nourishment.

The moon goddess waits, with her hands  folded one of the other, mediating, waiting as the rabbit looks on. She, dressed like a Roman/ Greek Goddess waits still fully armored ready to battle until she is safe on her home on the moon.

If you’re interested in the piece, contact them right away!


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