179 + Seattle Glow Girls Bus Shelter Painting Progress

I had the best time with all the Glow Girls for our Seattle Metro Bus Shelter painting Saturday. We worked collectively to create patterns and designs the girls could easily paint to feel artistically successful. Many of the girls experimented with color, texture, and patterns.

We took a tour of the Inscape building which used to be the immigration building in The International District. It’s legacy for someone like our family who’s father was an illegal immigrant from Mexico means so much.

Big THANKS to Urban Artworks, Seattle Metro for their bus shelter art program, and all the volunteers that helped make this possible. Join our email list to learn when the next session is.


If you’re interested in knowing more about the programming Seattle Glow Girls offers, take a look at their site. They are always looking for volunteers, participants, & donations. Most importantly, SHARE on your social media, word of mouth is the best way to get the knowledge of their programming out there.

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